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Friday, March 21

Where did you read that?

Steve is always asking me where I read something.'s an abbreviated list of some of the sites I look at for news. It also helps I'm on several discussion lists and members share links to good articles and op eds. There is tons of news out there. When all else fails, google. Because of the war and the fact I don't speak Arabic, I've been visiting online Arabic news sites thru the translation portal Tarjim/Ajeeb. Its a month long subscription $ which is too bad since I'm really enjoying it. I have until April 19th. One of the downsides though is it gives you a word limit. I wrote more about this below. And about the news in general: always double check who is being quoted or sourced in an article. More often than not, there's a back story. Its especially true these days in American main stream media. I'll write more about this at a later date.

General Foreign News:

Missionary News Service (misna) of the Southern Hemisphere is news from remote areas. This is a favorite of mine.
Guide to newspapers all over the world. Good to have if you need to find a paper in the Azores. (There were 500 demonstrators at the airport to greet Bush for the recent Azores summit. Did you know? You do now.)
Translations online: In addition to English, I read Italian, French and I'm learning Spanish. But when I'm not sure, I visit the babelfish
Media Reports of the BBC is news before its news!!
France's leading paper is LeMonde Love those French! Give me french fries or give me Dorothy Sayers.
International Herald Tribune is a European daily for Americans living oversees.

Israel and Palestine:

Arons Israel Peace Blog looks at Israel, Peace and Palestine in the news. Its a great blog.
Electronic Intifada is news and diaries from Palestine.
Israel’s left leaning newspaper Ha'artez is available in English or Hebrew. It sometimes tips to the right. Amira Hass is a regular contributor so look for her editorials.


Where is Raed? A weblog written from Baghdad in English.
Electronic Iraq is the sister site to Electronic Intifada reporting from Baghdad in English.

Arab and Muslim Affairs:

Afghanistan and Pakistan and other countires in the general vicinity (or not) Frontline Dispatch is guerilla news from 2 guys from Pasadena. Yup. They went to Tora Bora. They might pop up anywhere though.
Al-Jazeera is Arabic CNN. Here is the English language site entered thru Cursor that is free but not as good as Tarjim/Ajeeb $ Click on "Al-Jazeera's Web site in English" in the right hand column. Then enter on the translation page after the http:// and hit return. If it doesn't load or appear to be loading, close the new window. Go back to the Tarjim/Ajeeb translation page and hit return again. Back buttons rarely work. And if you visit often, different articles will load in English than earlier as well as different links will work. Why? No idea.
Tarjim/Ajeeb is an Arab English translation portal that also includes other news sites besides Al-Jazeera $ Please note: that even though it is based on a monthly fee, you also have a word limit. A typical visit to a news site will use approximately 5-6,000 words.

Alternative and editorial pages (What is alternative these days? So many are so popular, I don't know what to call them anymore):

Info Shop is a list of alternative news sites. It is a must-must-have list in pdf format.
News Insider is under reported news.
Indymedia is good for upcoming protests and speaker info - click on your city or go and visit another country. Self publishing and announce lists available and open (generally) to all.
Tbogg is a blog of commentary with links. How does he keep a sense of humor?
The Agonist is commentary with links. is self explanatory. If its anti-war in the news, its here.

Mainstream Alternative – bigger than a breadbox but not the NYTimes

Common Dreams posts editorials. Check out Ari & I by Russell Mokhiber for really dark comedy. Patriot Act II is not a musical.
Salon but for the good stuff you pay for Table Talk and exclusive articles and so worth it!! $$ But if you don't have the dinero, you can always lurk on TT and read the threads. White House is where I hang out.
Truth Out loved Paul Wellstone. A truly great great man.

Politics. Ok, strictly lib politics. I can give you the links to neo-con sites but I don't want to scare you. (jeepers freepers btw)

Foreign Policy in Focus is great stuff if you want to 'get' what its about. Be sure to check out articles by Tom Barry and Jim Lobe.
The Note is a must read for those interested in DC politics and comes with biting commentary too.
Failure is Impossible What is astroturf and why is it bad for newspapers? Find out here.
Democratic Underground and have a look at the discussion threads for gossip and breaking news.

Mainstream news that is a must or should read


New York Times is not as good as it used to be. Start reading the foreign press and you'll see what I mean.
The New Yorker
Washington Post has gone over to the dark side
Los Angeles Times
The Nation
MSN Slate Magazine is sometimes annoying but usually entertaining.

United Kingdom:

Guardian Unlimited why don't they make American papers this good anymore?
The Independent is great. Be sure to check out Robert Fisk. He really knows the Middle East and he's not pleased.
BBC news service - my home page.
Media Reports of the BBC is news before its news.
The London Times Can you believe they have etiquette pages?

Astrology and Politics
If you want to know what the stars are saying - these sites have hit the nail on the head too many times to ignore.

Star IQ runs a weekly market update too.
Political and Mundane Astrology is opinion and politics from an Astrologers Perspective
Starlight News is by Nancy Waterman.
Planet Waves is written by Eric Francis and is very cool. He also has a weekly newsletter for $ a small fee.
Online Astrology Charts just click on the simple birth charts. You can do events this way too. Did I mention that they are free?

I'm a newbie learning the techie stuff so everyone has to be patient.


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