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Monday, May 5


Company Iraqi Antiquities
Award $2 million
Agency US Department of State
Date of RFP
Pre-planning bpost shall refrain from snide remark
Date of Award April 29, 2003
Nature of work To help protect and restore key museums and archeological sites in Iraq

Something is always better than nothing. But alas, it is too little, too late.
The United States is pleased to announce a contribution of $2 million to help protect and restore key museums and archeological sites in Iraq. The American people value and respect Iraq’s cultural heritage. The funds will support specific cultural preservation needs to be identified in consultation with Iraqi cultural officials. The archeological and cultural heritage of Iraq documents over 10,000 years of the development of civilization.
Not much left in the key museums to protect but the funds will probably help with the clean up.

Wanna see the budget breakdown for all of the aid and reconstruction costs? It's in the Emergency Wartime Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2003 Public Law 108-11 signed by President Bush on April 16, 2003. You can read the on-line version of HR1559 here. If you'd like to see the full language of the appropriations bill, you can order it from the Government Printing Office - although, it won't be ready for another couple of weeks.


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