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Friday, June 6

how odd

Defense Policy Board member Richard Perle will be one of the presenters at the upcoming conference RECONSTRUCTION IRAQ: Contracting To Restore Critical Infrastructure focusing on the restoration of Iraq's critical infrastructure and utilities-electric power, oil, gas, and telecommunications-transportation, water, and other economic foundations. The announcement resembles closely a zen koan paradox.
Dr. Richard Perle, a leading architect of the recent war in Iraq, will present an overview of U.S. policy respecting Iraq's reconstruction at a Washington conference next week.
Perle is an architect of war, planning the constructs of the destruction of construction, and at the same time he constructs the re-construction of the destruction. Perhaps they should have written the announcement as a limerick.

The conference is being hosted by King Publishing Group and will take place at the Cafritz Convention Center, George Washington University, 800 21st Street NW, 3rd floor June 11-12.

Information on the conference is available at


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