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Thursday, September 18


International Resources Group has posted a job listing at Foreign Policy Association. Seems like an odd place to announce a job.
International Resources Group, a professional services firm located in Washington, DC, is currently seeking Water and Sanitation experts to serve a nine month consulting assignment in Iraq under a current contract funded by USAID.

Qualification: General knowledge of urban water and sanitation systems including specifically rehabilitation and repair of facilities. Must possess appropriate engineering education and demonstrated experience in senior positions in firms or agencies overseeing water and sanitation projects. Must be immediately available. Expected to have 10 years of work experience, at least half overseas. Preference given for knowledge and work experience in Arabic countries, and for Arabic language skills.

Only qualified candidates interested and immediately available for this assignment should respond.
Quick. You only have until September 26 to apply. Contact International Resources Group by email at R&

What do you make of this?


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