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Tuesday, November 18


Quick mention of a portion of a defense contract in a press release on Business Wire. Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Receives $9.5 Million of Additional Orders on Its Movement Tracking System Contract on November 18, 2003.
Comtech Telecommunications Corp. announced today that its Maryland-based subsidiary, Comtech Mobile Datacom Corp., has recently received $9.5 million of additional orders relating to its Movement Tracking System, or MTS, contract with the U.S. Army Logistics Command. These orders bring the total orders on the contract to-date to approximately $84.3 million.

The equipment order for approximately $7.0 million is for mobile satellite transceivers and related hardware, as well as installation kits. Approximately $2.5 million of the total orders were funded from the U.S. Army's fiscal 2003 budget for installation, training and support activities in Kuwait and Iraq.
Just wondering how much more of the $84.3 million was related to work in Iraq.

According to a press release online, Hyundai Engineering is set to win a $400 million dollar contract.
Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. is expected to win US$400 million worth of orders for renovating or repairing aging power facilities in Iraq, according to company officials Monday. "Hyundai Engineering will sign a joint deal with a Japanese company to renovate or repair a 1,200 megawatt power plant and a 400 kV transformer it itself built before the outbreak of the 1991 Gulf War," said a Hyundai official. The two sides are in the final stage of talks, the official said, adding that the deal will amount to as much as US$400 million if they succeed in securing orders to build four of the 300-megawatt power generators operating in the plant.
Guess we'll see if it happens.


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