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Wednesday, December 17


Lots of international moaning and groaning about the contracts ban Paul Wolfowitz unveiled. It's a really dumb idea and does nothing to help get Iraq on its feet again. In fact, it was a real bone headed move unveiling it as Baker goes to talk to countries about forgiving all and/or portions of Iraq's debt. Makes you wonder if the left hand knows what the right hand is doing in the White House. Our guess is no one talks to anyone. There are so many articles we are not going to link to them but they are out there if you are interested. If we do see a good one, we'll post it.

If you would like to read Paul Wolfowitz original Determination and Findings, there is a PDF document available. It includes the list of 63 countries who may bid as primary contractors. No Mexico, China, France, Germany, India, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, or South Africa. Hmmm...seems like alot of the big nations are missing. And those are just the ones we noticed on first glance.

btw: we had a helluva time finding the PDF. It's hidden in the following paragraph on this web page. See if you can spot it below.
The PMO will soon release Requests for Proposals on up to 26 contracts, to be awarded by February 3, 2004. Companies from 63 Coalition and troop-contributing countries are eligible to compete as prime contractors on the U.S.-funded contracts (see contract and country listings in the Defense Department statement on the PMO Web site). Companies from all non-terrorist countries will be eligible for subcontracts.
And in case you are curious, the PMO website at wouldn't launch for us but maybe if you try it, it'll work.


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