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Thursday, June 24


We got a response from Denise Mika on the ANHAM contract and the Berry Amenedment. Oh well. We tried.
The numbers that were published in the article were estimates of the total amount.  There were 43 items in this acquisition ranging from heavy wheeled vehicles down to canteen cups.  When providing the estimate as to where the work was going to be performed on the contract, we did not account for the items that individually were approximately less than one percent of the total contract award amount.  While I can not disclose the identities of the subcontractors that the ANHAM Joint Venture is using, the items which fall under the restrictions of the Berry Amendment will be manufactured using U.S. produced materials as required.

Thank you.

Denise Mika
Denise does make you wonder though, who exactly are the subcontractors? Hmmm....


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