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Tuesday, August 17

about time

We probably won't be posting very often (as you may have already noticed). But if we come across a good article, we promise we'll share.

So, here ya' go. We've been bitching about this for months. Finally, someone actually puts it into print in an American paper.

Consultants profit from their Pentagon ties, Ex- CIA couple reflect a pattern

And just who might that ex-CIA couple be?
Suzanne H. Woolsey is a trustee of a little-known arms consulting group that had access to senior Pentagon leaders directing the Iraq war. In January, she joined the board ofFluor Corp.

Soon afterward, Fluor and a joint-venture partner won about $1.6 billion in reconstruction contracts in Iraq.
How soon until Porter Goss's family is on the payroll of defense contractors? Might as well start early since he's up for the CIA post.