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Sunday, March 23

War and anti-war

War news is everywhere today. Its hard to keep up and sort thru the fact and the fiction of what's going on in Iraq. Yesterday, Steve and I went to the Stop the War march and rally in Hollywood. The march was smaller than the one in the pouring rain just a week ago. What struck me was the attitutde. This one was very loud and energetic. It almost felt like a victory parade with the number of banners and flags flying. American included. I was expecting a somber and depressed, almost vanquished feeling, among marchers. Quite the opposite.

imho, this is the beginning of taking back the country for We the People. While large corporations may own the media and influence the un-questionning, the country belongs to We, the People as in all of the people.

Some great op-eds came out yesterday. Wow. The American media is writing again instead of kissing up and censoring itself. The Washington Post even redeemed itself with a column by Michael Kinsley. Common Dreams is probably the best place to go for a quick overview if you don't have time to jump around the net.

Everyone is talking about who is going to benefit from this disaster I like to call How Not to Conduct Foreign Relations. Very few in the administration are talking about who is going to pay the bill. Can you imagine launching a war without a budget? And who is going to pay for all of that reconstruction?

btw: much of the policy for this administration is developed and proposed by think tanks As outside advisors, there are no ethics or conflict of interest parameters that prevent them from sitting on the board of a major defense or security corporation while advising the government. One should always keep this in mind. The pundit you see on television, may in fact be a think tanker attempting to sway public opinion in favor of their own institutional policy.


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