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Sunday, June 29

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Randal Quarles, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs comments on seized Iraqi assets in his remarks at the Cato Institute on June 25, 2003.
On March 20, President Bush vested $1.7 billion of Iraqi regime assets that had been frozen in the United States over a decade ago and placed them in an account at the New York Fed to be used to support reconstruction.
So far, nearly half of these assets have been delivered to Iraq to finance payments.
Job Listings

Three pre-solictation notices for U.S. Personnel Service Contractors (PSC) appeared at FedBizOps today. If you are into number crunching, fluent in English and Arabic, and don't mind being housed in "a guarded and fortified CFLCC military perimeter" you might wish to apply. Oh. And the job comes with post hardship and danger pay of 50%, combined.

Did we mention the jobs are in Baghdad?

Senior Financial Management Specialist ($61,251- $79,629)
Supervisory Financial Analyst ($42,976- 55,873).
Chief Accountant ($42,976- 55,873).


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