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Sunday, June 8

who else is tracking info on Iraq

There is no one comprehensive web site (that we are yet aware of) that is tracking all of the post-war Iraq contracts and relief efforts being paid for by the US taxpayer. Unfortunately, that includes the US government whose information is spread out over many of their sites. There are, however, a number of blogs and websites following selected and related information.

In addition to the pay subscription newsletters posted earlier on June 2, below is a list of some of the resources we have come across. If you know of others, please email us at

Academic Info Studies on Post war-Iraq
Links to useful documents on Iraq.

News log

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Iraq: before, during and after the war.

Center for Contemporary Conflict
Naval post-graduate school - papers on post-war Iraq

Center for Cooperative Research
Timelines and relationships of companies and players

Citizen Works
Information on war profiteering

Corp Watch
Follows accountability of companies - search by company

Department of Defense - Defense Link
Daily updates on DoD contract awards over $5 million

Development Gateway
Information on development opportunities

Ethical Corporation On Line
Search by company name

Global Policy Forum
Iraq: before, during and after the war.

Global Security
Looks at non-proliferation issues

Iraq Democracy Watch
Events of concern to democracy in Iraq

Jubilee Iraq
Information on Iraq debt

Major Barbara
Blogger following the news on Halliburton

Open Secrets
Campaign contributions and contracts

Washington File - State Department
Announcements of USAID contracts and information

Elected officials following events in Iraq

Representative Henry Waxman
Outspoken critic of no-bid contracts

Senator Robert C. Byrd
Outspoken critic of Iraq War

Representative Dennis Kucinich


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