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Saturday, July 5

hooking up

Conference: London July 15

There is an upcoming one-day conference on reconstruction in Iraq scheduled for London on July 15th. Registration is £528.75 including VAT.
The Iraq Reconstruction Update has been organized by the Middle East Economic Digest (MEED), New Civil Engineer (NCE) magazine and Construction News (CN) magazine. [...] The conference will focus on addressing many of the key questions currently occupying the time of companies looking to position themselves to do future business in Iraq.
Iraq Reconstruction Update
Date: Tuesday 15 July 2003
Location: London

MEED Conference Registration
3rd Floor
151 Rosebery Avenue
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7505 6044
Fax: +44 (0)20 7505 6001


And Bechtel has an upcoming conference in the works for Basrah...
Contractor Conferences A fifth in a series of contractor conferences is being planned for Basrah in mid-July.

Bechtel's June 18 contractor conference in Baghdad drew roughly 1,000 attendees. The purpose was to reach out to Iraqi contractors, obtain prequalification information from contractors, create realistic expectations, and explain the subcontracting process. To date, more than 7,800 companies from 93 countries have registered on Bechtel's supplier database.
The materials distributed at each conference were identical according to Bechtel. Read them here:

No contact information for registering for the Bechtel conference was available.

CNN Money reported on July 1 in Bechtel gives work to 6 Iraqi firms that Bechtel released an updated list of the 34 subcontractors on June 30. We could not locate the new list. Bechtel does have a list of 28 subcontractors dated June 10, 2003 that includes entries for June 15.

The CNN Money article clearly identifies one subcontractor as a Kuwaiti company, Rabat Pest Control not included on the June 10 list. Oh well. We tried. Here's the June 10th list:


In a recent Washington Post article bpost noted, Timothy Carney brought Raytheon to our attention:
[...] outside contractor Raytheon, provided a weak communications network; Internet and printer capabilities were down again from June 14 to 16.
We just stumbled on the following sentence in an article by Abid Aslam U.S. Contracts To Rebuild Iraq Spawn Cottage Industry from July 02, 2003:
Robert Adams, chief executive of New Global Initiatives, said his start-up is rebuilding town halls and providing Internet connections for an Iraqi university under a 2.6-million-dollar US government sub-contract from a bigger contractor, which he declined to name.
Raytheon or should we keep guessing?


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