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Sunday, July 20

the news on iraq

Periodically we like to alert bpost readers to who else out there on the web is covering the news on Iraq. Below are a variety of sources outside of the mainstream media. We've included those that have links to other sites. You may like them, you may not, but half the fun of life is visiting places you've never been.

Enjoy the journey of discovery.
Launched June 9, 2003, a bimonthly News Magazine printed in Baghdad and distributed throughout Iraq, specifically reporting on and providing a forum for guest writers to debate issues related to the redevelopment of the country.
All the current Umm Qasr news.
Kurdish Media. Its vision is to become a one-stop-shop information provider on Kurds and Kurdistan.
Future of Iraq Portal - extensive listing of websites, blogs, and discussion lists on Iraq.
List of links to news on Iraq broken down by the source's region: European, Canadian, etc.
Campaign Against Sanctions in Iraq. They've been following news on and in Iraq since 1997. Their discussion list is a wealth of information.


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