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Monday, July 14

ring ring

We're still making our way thru our overflowing inbox. A number of contracts and subcontracts have come to light in recent articles. Unfortunately, many of them are without dollar amounts.

Two caught our eye.

Bechtel has received the go ahead from the USAID to proceed with repair of Iraq's communications system for $45 million dollars. As this is part of the original $680 million dollar infrastructure award, we consider it similar to a task order (TO) and have labeled it as such.
The U.S. Agency for International Development said the $45 million would fund two communications projects. The funding is part of an existing $680 million contract given to Bechtel in April to repair Iraq's infrastructure.


The first Bechtel project covers rebuilding a 1,243 mile (2,000 km) fiber optic ''backbone'' from Mosul in the north through Baghdad to Nasiriya and Umm Qasr in the south.


The second project was aimed at partially reconstituting the public switched network in Baghdad. Ten of 33 switches were damaged during the war and USAID said the plan was to install four switches that would restore 120,000 telephone lines out of 280,000 not currently working.

Another goal was to install a satellite gateway that would enable about half of the country to make international calls by mid to late August.
Company Bechtel
TO $45 million reward
Agency U.S. Agency for International Development
Date of RFP
Date of Award July 10, 2003
Nature of work
Bechtel gets $45 million for Iraq communications
By Sue Pleming
July 10, 2003

The second contract of interest is described in a July 10, 2003 press release on Business Wire. Is this related to the $45 million dollar Bechtel contract? Or possibly Raytheon? Why is there so much mystery surrounding naming the primary contractor funding communications work? Is it that subcontracts have already been tendered prior to the USAID signing off on the work? Just what is up with telecommunications' contracts in Iraq?
Globecomm Systems Inc. (Nasdaq:GCOM), a global provider of end-to-end satellite-based communications solutions, today announced that it has been working with a customer in the effort to restore certain telecommunications in Iraq. The Company has implemented a satellite circuit into Baghdad, enabling voice connectivity and Internet access services.
Subcontractor Globecomm Systems Inc.
Date of RFP
Date of Award
Nature of work Implemented a satellite circuit into Baghdad, enabling voice connectivity and Internet access services.
Globecomm Systems Rapidly Assists Customer In Enabling Voice Circuits And Internet Connectivity Into Baghdad
Business Wire
July 10, 2003


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