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Thursday, September 25


A new contract for troop housing in Iraq is in the news but so far we have been unable to locate the contract announcement at Defense Link.
FMD will manufacture and deliver six Force Provider Modules, six Modification Systems Cold Weather and six Modification Systems Power Generation. The Force Provider Modules are entire camps that house 550 soldiers each and include air conditioned tents, showers, latrines, kitchen equipment and laundry facilities, Mattingley said. Most of these facilities, such as the showers, laundries and latrines, are "containerized," or packaged in a mobile unit that is 8 feet by 8 feet by 20 feet.

Frank Lehman, vice president of program management, said a complete module includes 91 containers and some small trailers and covers up to 15 acres. FMD has delivered four Force Provider Modules from past contracts, Mattingley said.
Company Sachs Freeman Associates Inc.,
Award $22 million
Agency Army
Date of RFP
Date of Award Week prior to September 26, 2003
Nature of work To rush deliver living quarters and other equipment to troops in Iraq.
Military contract boosts manufacturer's revenues
by Amy Limbert
The Business Gazette
September 26, 2003


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