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Friday, October 24

cell service

Motorola has landed a sub-contract for $40 million dollars from Orascom Telecom Holding.
U.S. telecommunications-equipment supplier Motorola Inc. is moving fast to set up infrastructure for the central Iraq mobile-phone network, due to start operation in less than two months. Motorola Thursday signed a two-year contract worth up to USD 40 million with Cairo-based Orascom Telecom Holding, 63% owner of Orascom Telecom Iraq, which is preparing to operate the network under the brand name "Iraqna."

Motorola will provide Global System for Mobile communications, or GSM, base stations and transmission equipment for the network, one of three being set up in the country. Training for 23 Iraqi engineers began as long as six weeks ago, even though Iraqi network licenses were awarded only two-and-a-half weeks ago.
See Motorola to supply network in central Iraq in PMN Publications.



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