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Saturday, October 18

iraq revenue watch

Iraq Revenue Watch, a project of the Open Society Institute, has issued a new report available in PDF.
Keeping Secrets: America and Iraq's Public Finances

Iraq's public finances fall short of international standards of accountability. Iraq Revenue Watch calls for greater transparency in the management of the Development Fund for Iraq (DFI), the central repository for Iraqi oil and gas revenues. The Coalition Provisional Authority has refused to disclose basic information about large purchase contracts and DFI expenditures, and the Iraqi public, as well as members of the United Nations Security Council, have been left in the dark about how the Fund works. This report calls on the Coalition Provisional Authority to reverse these trends and offers a set of recommendations, including increased Iraqi involvement in the DFI, the establishment of the International Advisory and Monitoring Board, and better public access to information.
Learn more about Iraq Revenue Watch at their website


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