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Friday, October 10


Justin Alexander is the amazing web master of The Future of Iraq Portal.

Justin is currently in Iraq with Jubilee Iraq, a small group trying to free Iraq from $200 billion dollars of debt. You can follow Justin's progress through his blog at
Ahlan fi blogi (welcome to my blog) to Riverbend readers who've just browsed over. To get you up to speed, I'm a young Brit in Baghdad with Jubilee Iraq, a little NGO trying to help free Iraq from the burden of $200 billion of Saddam's unpaid bills. I'm consulting with Iraqis about their views on this issue in order to show the countries demanding payment how strongly they feel about this issue - basically everyone agrees that Iraqis should not be held responsible for loans which financed Saddam's regime and harmed rather than benefited the Iraqi people. My posts relate some of the frustrations and successes in this endeavour, along with random observations about Baghdad life.
Make sure to stop by Jubilee Iraq to learn more about Iraq's debt.


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