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Saturday, October 4

bits and pieces

Bpost was very surprised to see the New York Times in Iraqi Reconstruction: A Broad Plan by David Firestone itemize costs related to the $22 billion dollars for reconstruction included in the $87 billion dollar defense supplemental. We hope it's the beginning of a trend that will catch on.
Oil System $2.1 billion

Capital investments, $1.2 billion

Iraq's principal source of revenue has been damaged by war, looting, and terrorist sabotage, the administration says, and the following investments are necessary just to approach pre-war levels of oil production:

Rapid pipeline repair team, $55 million
Four topping plants, the first stage in oil refinement, $125 million
Backup distribution, including 200 fuel tankers and 250 LPG trucks, $68 million
Oil system security force, training and equipment, $60 million
Personal security for the Oil Minister and directors, $8 million
Oil industry consultants, $5 million
Pipeline and refinery repair, dating back to 1991, $575 million
The above is just a sample. Go read the article.

A second article in the New York Times, Pentagon's Request for Iraq Includes Money for Troops and Rewards by Thom Shanker and Eric Schmitt, also contains information outlining where the remaining $65.6 billion dollars slated for military expenses is going.
The administration's $20.3 billion request for Iraqi reconstruction has been under the hot lamp of Congressional scrutiny, but the vastly larger portion of the emergency spending bill — $65.6 billion for Pentagon activities, military operations and classified programs — has drawn few complaints.
And, apparently, little close examination by legislators.
At least $3 billion in the overall request is classified to pay for intelligence activities, Special Operations missions, experimental weapons and even runways in a nation that supports America's efforts but does not want to be identified.


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