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Tuesday, October 14


Why always so vague when it comes to Raytheon? The New York Times reports today in Iraqi Arms Caches Cited in Attacks by Raymond Bonner that Raytheon is one of the companies helping to destroy old weapons in Iraq.
There are not enough American soldiers here to do the job of finding the weapons and securing them until they can be destroyed, the officials said. A private American company, Raytheon, has been awarded a contract to destroy the weapons, but it will not begin work until December, one official said.
Back in the spring, another article reported that Raytheon had been awarded a $30 million dollar contract from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency to neutralize any weapons of mass destruction. We at bpost assume the above mentioned is a new contract for Raytheon as an 8 month delay for neutralizing weapons is just unacceptable.

See Competing for Work in Postwar Iraq
By Diana B. Henriques
New York Times
April 10, 2003


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