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Wednesday, November 5


The UK subsidiary of an American company, Parker Instrumentation, has received a £200,000 contract to supply tube fittings and valves for an oil refinery in Iraq. In Firm helps to rebuild Iraq by Tony Gussin in the North Devon Gazette and Advertiser, the article fails to mention which agency the funding is being provided by or who the contract was awarded thru. Halliburton perhaps?
A Barnstaple factory has secured a £200,000 order to help rebuild war torn Iraq. Parker Instrumentation, at Pottington Business Park, has overcome stiff opposition to be the company to supply tube fittings and valves for the rebuilding and refurbishment of Basra oil refinery in Southern Iraq.

The Barnstaple plant, a division of the multi-national American-owned Parker Hannifin Corporation, had to pass United Nations approval before its products could be shipped to the troubled Middle-eastern country.
Thank you to Gary Smith for alerting bpost to this article.


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