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Wednesday, November 5

pay off

The New York Times reports in Spain Is Told Its Help in Iraq Will Pay Off by Dale Fuchs that some aid is coming Spain's way. Some of it already has. Add it on to the cost of the war in Iraq.
Spain's political support of the United States in the war in Iraq will have an economic payoff, the president of the United States Chamber of Commerce, Thomas J. Donohue, told Spanish business leaders here on Wednesday.


Mr. Aznar's trip to Florida, California and Texas in September was part of the larger strategy, and it has already shown some results. The Spanish company Indra Sistemas won a 2.8 billion euro ($3.2 billion) contract from the United States government to make aviation simulators; a Spanish biotechnology company has set up shop in California; and Spanish infrastructure companies will receive special consideration for a $15 billion highway and telecommunications project in Texas, said Jaime Malet, president of the United States Chamber of Commerce in Spain.

The United States has promised to back Spain's candidacy for a 4.5 billion euro nuclear fusion project, known as the International Tokamak Experimental Reactor, which would create 1,300 jobs for scientists alone, Mr. Malet said. Spain will be competing with France for the European Union's endorsement to get the project. But if the European Union chooses France, Mr. Malet said, then the United States would throw its support to Japan, leaving Europe out of the project.



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