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Thursday, November 27


The Budapest Sun carries an article Hungarian shot in Iraq by Balázs Dóczy that mentions a subcontractor of Kellogg Brown & Root (Halliburton).
[Péter] Varga-Balázs was not a member of the Hungarian battalion in Iraq (garrisoned in al-Hillah) but worked as an interpreter on a three-month contract with Hungarian based Toifor, a subcontractor of Brown & Root.
The article includes references to monthly salaries of $4000 to $6000. We think this is the website of the Toifor company mentioned in the article. Their website carries the following in a pop up:
Toifor has largest network of portable toilet and sanitation services in Iraq and Kuwait. We are proud to service more than 3000 portable toilets. For inquiries please contact
An article in the Albuquerque Tribune High tech business keeps products a secret by Jonathan B. Cox mentions that Law Enforcement Associates Corp. is providing "surveillance and security equipment to protect law enforcement officers"
Its products are used at military outposts worldwide, including in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Law Enforcement Associates Corp. is selling to someone in Iraq but to whom or what or how much, it's a secret.


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