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Friday, November 21

iraq index

AlertNet reports that the Brookings Institution has launched an Iraq Index, "billed as the first in-depth assessment of American efforts in Iraq." The website is at Topics include:
U.S. Troop Fatalities
U.S. Troop Casualties Since the Start of the War
British Troop Fatalities
Non U.S. & U.K. Coalition Fatalities
Iraqi Security Forces Casualties
Coalition Troop Strength in Iraq
Daily Attacks on U.S. Troops and Rewards for Attacking U.S. Troops
Monthly Attacks on U.S. Troops in Anbar Province
Civilians Killed by U.S. Troops in Baghdad
Baathist Leaders Neutralized
Presence of Foreign Fighters in Iraq
Iraqi Security Forces on Duty
Iraqi Security Forces in Training
Crime-related Deaths in Baghdad
Nationwide Unemployment Rate
Iraqi National Debt: Creditors
Electricity and Oil
Fuel Supplies
Water Supply and Sewage Coverage
Local Governance Councils
Polling Baghdad Public Opinion
Polling American Public Opinion I
Polling American Public Opinion II
A PDF version with source information is available.


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