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Wednesday, November 19


The Washington Post has two articles on contracts. The first is a brief vague summary of the recent conference in Washington: 1300 people representing 650 companies showed up. That's about it on that one.

The second article, U.S. Sets Time Frame For 24 Iraq Contracts, has a few details worth watching.
Of the 24 new contracts, 17 will be for construction projects, including five worth about $5 billion for continued work repairing the country's electrical grid, five more worth about $4 billion for public works and water projects, and two worth about $1 billion to build police stations and prisons. One contract worth about $1 billion will target construction of health facilities, two others worth about $1 billion total will go to transportation and communications systems, and two more worth about $1 billion are for fuel distribution and repairs to the oil industry infrastructure.

Six separate contracts will be awarded for project management, and one will be awarded to support the office Nash will head to oversee how the congressional funds are spent.
By the way, London is next: November 21. A record of the event will be posted at UK Trade & Investment website.

The Iraq Infrastructure Reconstruction Office has a website at The many names are getting us a tad confused as the Coalition Provisional Authority seems to have many offices going at the same time. The main page of the IIRO website is the Iraq Program Management Office.

Oh well. Bureaucracy.


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