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Monday, December 1


Bechtel subcontract for anyone who is interested. See Bechtel Signs Subcontract with Intelsat Government Solutions for Iraq Reconstruction in Business Wire
In a strategic win for the company, Intelsat Government Solutions Corporation today announced that it has been awarded a subcontract to provide a turnkey satellite communications system to support Bechtel National Inc.'s (Bechtel's) involvement with the Iraq Infrastructure Reconstruction Program. Bechtel was originally awarded a contract with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in April 2003 in support of the Coalition Provisional Authority's reconstruction program.

The operational network utilizes an Intelsat satellite and its newly operational Mountainside Teleport to interconnect Bechtel's Iraqi reconstruction office in Baghdad with its termination point in the United States. Intelsat Government Solutions worked with its subcontractor DataPath, Inc., a company specializing in the design, provisioning, integration, installation, and testing of satellite communications based systems, to effectively implement the turnkey system.
No numbers but there is a description: "The mission of Intelsat Government Solutions Corporation is to provide a range of sustainable, cost-effective, secure communications solutions to civilian government and defense/intelligence users by leveraging satellite communications as a core technology."

How many contracts for satellite related services are there now? We've lost count.


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