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Friday, December 19

double standards

So if Erinys is a South African company, and they are officially not in the Coaltion of the Willing (PDF), why are they eligible for a primary contract under their Iraqi subsidiary, Erinys Iraq?

Anyone else wondering about this double standard?

There are some excellent references and links to articles at Global Eye -- Best-Laid Plans
Erinys is a joint venture between a large South African freebooting firm and a few choice Iraqi investors. How choice? They are intimates of Ahmad Chalabi: leader of the Iraqi National Congress exile group, member of the Bush-appointed Governing Council, convicted swindler, darling of the Pentagon -- and the Bush plan's designated tyrant-to-be, the Iraqi face of a compliant, corporate-run colonial outpost in Mesopotamia.
Chris Floyd doesn't like to mince his words or hold back his opinion.


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