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Wednesday, March 17


2 Kuwaiti Firms Win New Iraq Fuel Deals
Two Kuwaiti companies involved in the Pentagon's criminal investigation of possible overcharges in a previous Halliburton Co. contract to import fuel into Iraq have been awarded new contracts for the same purpose.

Altanmia Commercial Marketing Co. yesterday won a $39.9 million contract to transport gasoline and diesel fuel to southern Iraq. [...]

Altanmia will transport fuel on behalf of Kuwait Petroleum Corp., which yesterday won an $80 million contract to supply fuel to southern Iraq -- and was also the supplier under the KBR [Halliburton] contract. [...]

In a separate deal yesterday, the Shaheen Business and Investment Group (SBIG) won a $71.8 million contract to purchase and transport gasoline to southern Iraq from Jordan, at $1.18 a gallon. Headquartered in Amman, Jordan, SBIG is a multinational set of companies that includes Cemex Global Inc. of Washington. It also has a contract to train Iraqi police.
Additional details of price per gallon and trucking costs are included in the article.


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