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Sunday, March 7

howdy there

By the way, hello Bechtel.

We at bpost are honored you've stopped by recently to visit. Keep up the good work posting the subcontracts on your website.

Should you drop by again, we have to ask, still working with Winton Blount IV? You know, the grandson of "Red" Blount--the one whose Alabama campaign President George W. Bush supposedly worked on when he went awol from the Texas Air National Guard? We just had to ask. We noticed Saida on your website and well, Blount was partnering with Saida as recently as November. Though we admit, we haven't checked to see where things stand these days. Winton Blount IV might be back in Alabama already helping President Bush with his campaign.

Ah yes. Nothing like keeping it all in the family when it comes to contracts.


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