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Wednesday, May 19

job description

By now you've read about the prisoner abuse at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. So when we stumbled on this recent job listing for an Interrogator/Intel Analyst Team Lead Asst for CACI in Iraq we were a bit stunned to see "under minimal supervision" in the job description. The listing was posted at Security Clearance Jobs on March 22, 2004.

Interrogator/Intel Analyst Team Lead Asst.
Assists the interrogation support program team lead to increase the effectiveness of dealing with Detainees, Persons of Interest, and Prisoners of War (POWs) that are in the custody of US/Coalition Forces in the CJTF 7 AOR, in terms of screening, interrogation, and debriefing of persons of intelligence value. Under minimal supervision, will assist the team lead in managing a multifaceted interrogation support cell consisting of database entry/intelligence research clerks, screeners, tactical/strategic interrogators, and intelligence analyst.
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There is an interesting statement posted at CACI.
Dr. J.P. (Jack) London, CACI Chairman, President and CEO said, "The testimony provided by the Secretary of the Defense, the Secretary of the Army, and the Central Command Deputy Commander has cleared up an important point: As stated, CACI employees are monitored and are under the supervision of U.S. Army personnel. This was exactly as set forth in CACI’s services contract with the U.S. Military, and CACI has carried out this role as stated."
Who is in charge? Y'all get the feeling no one is minding the store, or in this case, prison?

Now we're not saying that CACI is in anyway directly responsible or even particpated in the abuse of prisoners. But it is clear from what has been reported on the prisoner abuse to date that there was a massive breakdown in order and accountability.

We shouldn't be surprised. We should have seen it coming. Looking back at the past year in Iraq, chaos and deceit have been the prevailing pattern. Nothing has been honest about this war. Not one single thing. The turkey at Thanksgiving was a fake for crying out loud. Wmd's? A ten year old child knows the war is for Iraq's oil.

Experts said 250,000 troops were needed to invade and occupy Iraq but the Rumsfeld way was 130,000 just keep them all there longer. So what if the troops are made up of significant numbers of Reservists and National Guard? Just lie and tell them it's only for a little while and then extend their tour for a year. Jay Garner was placed in charge of reconstruction, then whoosh, in flies Paul Bremer. Fire the Ba'athists but slide on the "good" ones. Fire the Iraqi military, let the looting burn itself and the country out, then hire them back. Give out a contract paid for by tax dollars, but don't tell Congress what it's for. Pledge support to hire Iraqis, bring in foreign workers. Promise the Coaltion of the Willing members primary contracts but a wink and a nod will let a non-coalition partner in on the money grab. Ask for $73 billion dollars, then oops, ask for $87 billion more, then oops, another $59 billion, but hey just a $25 billion reserve fund* will do for now. (*more on this later)

The current White House administration needs to start being honest with everyone including themselves. A good place to begin is by accepting responsibliity for the dishonest climate that ultimately lead to prisoner abuse, starting with their lie (by the sin of ommision) that 9-11 was connected with Iraq.

We're not optimistic. But then, President Bush wasn't even honestly elected so why would anything change now?

PS If a CACI member happens to stumble along on our blog, one question: when was Mr. London first made aware of preparations for a war in Iraq? His optimism for financial gain in February of 2002 was prescient.


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