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Wednesday, June 2

cha ching

With Some Strings Attached, Senate Approves War Money
The Senate on Wednesday gave the White House $25 billion for operations in Afghanistan and Iraq but joined the House in putting new controls on the money despite administration requests for substantial freedom in how to use it.
The administration has had enough blank checks.
On a 95-to-0 vote, senators agreed to add the money to a broad Pentagon spending plan, bringing the total cost of the legislation to more than $447 billion.
Wow. It looks like the Senate is finally working on a little accountability....
Under the Senate approach, $22.5 billion of the money is devoted to specific Pentagon accounts while the administration is allowed to allocate $2.5 billion as it sees fit.

However, it cannot spend any of the money unless the secretary of defense consults with senior members of both parties and provides a written report at least five days before any shift. The Pentagon must also provide monthly reports on how it uses the money. The House is imposing similar requirements.
What's particularly frustrating to us is the new requirement that the Pentagon provide monthly reports (a good thing). Providing monthly reports was an amendment to the $87 billion dollar supplemental presented by Barbar Boxer (D-CA) which at that time was voted down along party lines.

Better late than never.


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