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Monday, June 7

power & ports

Portal Iraq has an update on power contracts. $100 million contracts awarded to Italian and American companies for power generation in Iraq
Two power generation contracts with ceilings of $100 million for power generation operation in Iraq have been awarded to an Italian company and an American company. Bertoli SRL of Italy and IAP Worldwide Services of the United States both won contracts to provide the procurement, delivery and installation of numerous electrical generator sets and associated components throughout Iraq.
The power contracts were awarded by the Program Management Office (PMO) who manages the $18.4 billion of the Congressional Appropriated Supplemental. We're going to assume the supplemental of October. The $87 billion one.

Dredging contracts to improve access to ports
Work has already started on a $7 million project for salvage and dredging at the port of Khor Az Zubayr. The contract was awarded by CPA South to an Iraqi company based in Baghdad. [no company name given]
According to the most recent List of PMO Awarded Contracts, NANA Pacific, Alaska was awarded $70 million on March 31, 2004 to do work on the ports in Iraq. These are not the first contracts that have been issued for ports. One of the very first went to Stevedoring Services of America of union busting fame (btw, they had a little trouble with their security clearance). Gotta get those oil tankers in and out. Not to mention the battleships.

In case anyone is interested, here's their latest summary from April 2. List of PMO Awarded Contracts (PDF) There's a helluva lot of money listed in there.


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