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Monday, July 5

neo-con artists

Iraq gets fraction of US aid billions by Suzanne Goldenberg in the Guardian
The US government spent just 2% of the $18.4bn (£10bn) it had obtained from Congress for the urgent reconstruction of Iraq before formally ending its occupation last week.

The White House budget office report, the first detailed audit of the reconstruction, showed that the US occupation authorities had spent nothing on healthcare or water and sanitation, two of the most urgent needs for Iraqis. In contrast, a total of $9m was spent on administrative expenses.


With the US reluctant to disburse cash, reconstruction money has largely been drawn from Iraq's oil receipts, with some $19bn of a $20bn fund spent during the Coalition Provisional Authority's tenure in Iraq.

According to yesterday's Washington Post more than $6bn of the oil fund has been spent in the past two months alone.
Keep in mind that Iraq's oil is not metered. So who really knows how much is being spent or on what.

Here's a copy of the report mentioned above from the Office of Management and Budget of The Executive Office of the President.

Draft 2207 Report Funding Table 7.1.04.xls (PDF)
Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund (IRRF)

Spending Plan, [in] Millions of Dollars, CPA Funding Allocations, Actuals Thru 3rd Quarter, Estimated Allocations
Taking a quick peak, under 'Democracy Building Activities', $8 million has actually been spent of $451 million allocated and apportioned. That's not even 2%. Another $265 million is obligated--whatever that might mean. Does Halliburton have dibs on it or something? The CPA have promised alot. it's the delivery that's important. Don't forget the yet to be awarded but always always will get right on to it, promise cross their hearts, meter contracts.


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