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Thursday, July 21

We have a serious problem with corruption.

Donor countries tackle misuse of Iraq aid
AFP, July 18, 2005
Iraq and donor countries began two days of closed-door meetings on Monday to review the pace of reconstruction in the violence-ravaged country, at a key phase in its political transition.

Iraqi Planning Minister Barham Saleh warned that corruption was a threat undermining the reconstruction of Iraq but hoped nevertheless that donors would be forthcoming with specific projects and commitments.

"We have a serious problem with corruption. It represents a great threat," Saleh told reporters before the meetings of the International Reconstruction Fund Facility (IRFFI) and Donors Committee on the shores of the Dead Sea in Jordan.

"We will try to make reconstruction based on decentralisation, that means projects will be implemented by local councils of the governorates," said Saleh, who is co-chairing the meeting with donors committee head Canada.



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