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Monday, March 24

Storm Clouds

The sky is really dark and ominous looking today. At a different time, I would have said rain. But today, I think the clouds are reflecting the thoughts and feelings of Americans.

As I was out and about on the 101, a car came up beside me, the driver rolled down his window and winked. Can't say that happens very often or ever to be honest. It wasn't until I had parked my little pickup that I realized the driver was probably commenting on my bumper sticker: war is not the answer. I got two more honks on my way home. Peace needs more bumper stickers out there.

Had a discussion with someone who supports the war. After the pros and cons, and as I was ready to leave I said peace love and everything else good. "He's the conservative and I'm the liberal." said a colleague. "Even conservatives don't like war." says I. At which the conservative admitted, "No one likes war." "Then may it end quickly."

Aljazeera is now available in English for all who are interested in an Arabic perspective. According to its banner, its a temporary site so the link may change in the future.

Food for thought and JP.


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