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Wednesday, April 9

next stop

Syria? We'll have to ask Vice President Cheney who seems to be very big on war and reconstruction.
Mr Cheney also made clear that Washington, and to a lesser extent London, would have the key role in rebuilding Iraq. That job, and the creation of a new Iraqi government, 'had to reside with the US government'. Though the United Nations and foes of the war would be expected to be involved with the humanitarian effort in post-Saddam Iraq, 'We don't believe the UN is equipped to play that central role. It will play a very important role, but the central role will reside with the coalition, Mr Cheney added.
Any ideas as to who the We is that Cheney refers to?
Mr Rumsfeld, who last week accused Damascus of helping President Saddam's regime, warned that Syria was continuing to provide military aid to Baghdad's forces, and intelligence reported "senior military people" from the regime had fled to Syria.

He also implied some of President Saddam's suspected weapons of mass destruction might have been moved there. Asked he he was worried that WMD had been taken out of Iraq, the Mr Rumsfeld replied crisply: 'You bet.'

There's Iran, second base of the axis of evil.

And third base, North Korea, the token non-Arab.
A North Korean Foreign Ministry statement said the country's security could only be guaranteed by arming itself with a 'tremendous military deterrent'.

It also suggested it no longer supported a non-aggression pact with Washington, one of its main demands if it is to end its nuclear arms program.'The Iraqi war shows that to allow disarming through inspections does not help avert war, but rather sparks it,' the North Korean statement said.'This suggests that even the signing of a non-aggression treaty with the US would not help avert a war.'
And last but not least, ominous words from the American diplomat in Cuba.
'They can shoot the messenger if they want,' Mr. Cason said. 'There will be more messengers coming.'
So good news for Halliburton. A new war would probably cover their debts as well as those of their unit Kellogg, Brown & Root. A new war would certainly enhance both of their chances for profit. Cheney would like that.


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