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Friday, April 4

blogging nobodies

Digby has a great blog for April 4th that everyone should read. And I have to agree with what he wrote towards the end of the post:
We are running seriously off the track and somebody besides a bunch of blogging nobodies has got to start speaking up. Kerry made a good start and if he refuses to back down may give some of the others the will to speak up as well. If they don't, we're in trouble.
You just can't get the mainstream media to ask probing questions anymore. It's real cause for celebration when they do. So where do you go for some great blogs and ezines to read? Although some are blogs on media websites, these are a few of my favorites:

The Agonist
Roger Ailes
Atrios Eschaton
Salon's Joe Conason
Daily Howler
Daily KOS
Digby's Blog
Eric Alterman
Interesting Times
Liberal Oasis
Media Whores Online
The Note
Pfaffen Blog
Political Wire
Talking Points Memo
Ted Rall
The Watch

As you surf around reading blogs or ezines, check out their links to other blogs. And if you see one we should add, drop us a note in the ol' bpost email box.


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