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Sunday, June 8

odds & ends

New blogger in Baghdad named G. Salam Pax at Where is Raed? posted the link.

Another forum coming up

Global Trade Network is hosting an invitation only forum on reconstruction in Iraq on June 17th at the Embassy of the Philippines in Washington DC. Reconstruction of Iraq: bringing the Global Community Together Deloitte & Touche, Patton Boggs, The National Association of manufacturers, Halliburton/KBR and other organizations will be participating. For info contact:

Bechtel awarded two subcontracts to Saudi companies Al-Tamimi Global Company and National Catering Company for housing and catering.

National Industries for the Severely Handicapped are providing dried milk under contract to the USDA for distribution in Iraq.

And the news is filled with claims and counter-claims and a resolution on an intelligence failure in Iraq. If true, that brings the total to two: September 11 and Iraq. Does anyone really want to wait for a third?


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