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Sunday, July 20

how much is that doggy in the window?

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld recently reported to Congress that military operations in Iraq are costing US taxpayers $3.9 billion dollars per month. He's hoping to get a supplemental.
Congress in April appropriated $62.8 billion extra for the Iraq war, and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said he will ask for more supplemental funding next year. Operations in Iraq cost $3.9 billion a month; in Afghanistan, the cost is about $950 million monthly. Democrats said the expense should be budgeted.
Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) tried to get a proposal passed to monitor the costs of the occupation. The Republicans voted it down.
A second proposal to force more cost accounting for the war, offered by Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., would have called for reports to Congress every 30 days on costs, personnel levels, contributions by foreign countries and international organizations, casualty figures and all contracts in excess of $10 million for the reconstruction of Iraq. It was rejected, 50-45.
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