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Friday, July 25


A new website has been launched, Iraq Occupation Watch, now online at IOW is busy setting up an office inside Iraq. This is a site worth keeping an eye on for news.
About Us

Cognizant of the current lack of information about Iraq and knowing that Iraq will receive increasingly less attention as media sources abandon the country for the newest “hot spot,” an international coalition of peace and justice groups is organizing the Baghdad-based International Occupation Watch Center. The Center will function under the auspices of United for Peace and Justice (, a U.S. anti-war coalition with more than 600 member groups, with participation from a diversity of international groups including Focus on the Global South, Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation, and members of the World Social Forum.


Monitor the relationship between U.S. corporations/subcontractors and Iraqi workers and support the formation of independent trade unions;

Track the international community’s financial commitments to rebuilding Iraq and hold the responsible parties accountable for those commitments;
Check out their site. They hadn't expected to be up and running until October. Iraq Occupation Watch is a very a welcome addition to those websites and blogs keeping tabs on what's happening in Iraq.


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