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Sunday, September 28


There is a good article today, In Iraq, private contractors lighten load on U.S. troops in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by Borzou Daragahi on private military contractors. It is very important to understand what exactly "privatization" of the military means. It doesn't save the tax payer any money but it does save on political back lash. But saving on political back lash takes away accountability US tax payers now expect from the Department of Defense.
"If you're going to keep the number of troops down, this is the way to do it," said Wempen. "The expense is the same or more. But politically it's much less expensive."

Staffed by ex-military personnel, the private firms are playing an increasingly visible role in Iraq.

Armed employees of Custer Battles, a Fairfax, Va., firm, guard Baghdad airport, manning the type of checkpoints often operated by American soldiers.

Erinys, a British company with offices in the Middle East and South Africa, guards the oil fields.

Global Risk, a British firm that offers "risk management," has the contract to provide armed protection for the Coalition Provisional Authority, the U.S.-led occupation power.

DynCorp of Reston, Va., has been hired to help train Iraq's police.
You should recognise some of the names by now if you have been following bpost's ongoing list of contracts.


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