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Friday, October 3


The Coalition Provisional Authority updated its Business Guide for Iraq in September. The CPA also lists Requests for Proposals on their website. Just in case you are curious.

Today, National Public Radio Guy Raz ran a segment Iraq Reconstruction Slight on Infrastructure.

By contrast, BBC The World Quil Lawrence, also ran a segment, Iraq Report: Doing Business in Iraq that covered much more detail. On Thursdays in Iraq, Halliburton subsidiary KBR runs open sessions with itemized lists of contract work such as supplying ink jet cartridges. Commentary by local Iraqis was as expected: they feel they are not being taken seriously as being competitive to American companies for larger infrastructure contracts.

Interestingly enough, NPR quotes estimates from Bechtel that are far lower than those reported in print.

(You will need Windows Media Player and/or Real One Player to listen to the broadcasts)


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