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Thursday, October 16

more ray in raytheon

Boston Globe covers new developments with Raytheon's defense contracts for services in Iraq, US Doubles Raytheon Iraq Pact by Ross Kerber.
On Sept. 30 the Pentagon nearly doubled to $39.4 million an order under which a Raytheon unit will assist in the storage and destruction of nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons. The military also extended to May the time frame Raytheon's services might be needed.


The deal deepens the relationship between Raytheon and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, which for years has hired Raytheon to help dismantle rockets and other weapons in the former Soviet Union. Under terms reached in June, the agency was to pay Raytheon $21.5 million for work in Iraq to be completed by Dec. 12. But on Sept. 30 the amount was increased because the order's time frame was extended to May 31, 2004, according to Clem Gaines, an agency spokesman.
Anyone know, did they actually start the work or not?


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