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Saturday, November 8

why no iraqis?

Dow Jones reports in Iraq Inks Pact With S African Firm To Guard Oil Pipeline a company in South Africa has been awarded a contract for security on the pipeline in the north of Iraq. Why not an Iraqi security company?
Iraq has signed a contract with a South African company to protect a northern oil pipeline that has been the target of repeated sabotage, a senior Iraqi oil official said Saturday.

The official said the Eurinys Co. would undertake the protection of the northern oil pipeline that carries crude oil from Kirkuk to the Mediterranean port of Ceyhan in Turkey.

"South African personnel will work as watchmen", he said. But he provided no further details on the contract.
The company's name in the article is mispelled. Here is the link to their website, Erinys International. They also have information on a new Iraq office they have set up. We are unclear which agency is providing the contract funding for security.
Erinys Iraq

Effective May 2nd Erinys has an established in-country capability, under expatriate (UK) management, to provide security services within Iraq.
In addition to security audits and assesments, security planning and executive protection, we are currently the sole providers of:
• Guarding and protective services
• Secure warehousing
• Security escorts
• Visit logistics and protective escorts
• Transportation and logistics for land access from neighbouring countries
Amman: Tel +962 79 660 1200
Amman: Fax +962 6 55 16 256
Iraq: Tel +1 914 360 7823(via USA) or +873 763 692 882(Immarsat)
Office: 16 Zukak 18,601 Emerat Mahla Al Mansour,Baghdad
Thank you to Gary Smith and Davis M. for providing information on this contract.


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