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Friday, December 19

bits & pieces

Perini task orders now total $220 million. Read about it on Business Wire Perini's Task Order for Power Restoration in Iraq Increased to $220 Million The husband of Sen. Dianne Feinstein is a significant partner in Perini.
The Task Order was awarded under Perini's Contingency Contract with COE's Transatlantic Programs Center to provide design-build, general construction, and operations and maintenance services in the U.S. Central Command's area of operations (CENTCOM). The maximum potential value of the contract, which was originally awarded in April for up to $100 million, has been increased to a ceiling of $500 million.

Perini's team includes Tetra Tech of Framingham, MA; POWER Engineers of Boise, Idaho; Willbros Group of Tulsa, Oklahoma; Nimrod/PPI of Dubai, U.A.E.; and Hart/ELS Security Services of the U.K.
Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Receives $1.4 Million Contract for Additional Battle Command Mobile Data Communications Products on Business Wire.
The order is for the supply of L-Band mobile aviation terminal transceivers, for use on several helicopter platforms currently operating in Iraq and Afghanistan. These orders relate to Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below - Blue Force Tracking (FBCB2-BFT), a battle command real-time situational awareness command and control system.
The Los Angeles Times reports in Pentagon Probe Delays Start of Iraqi Phone Service by Carol J. Williams on the delays in telecommunications contracts.
Iraqi phone service, thwarted for months because of delays in deploying a mobile network, has been put on hold again with the Pentagon's decision Thursday to investigate suspect license awards.

Nearly nine months after much of Iraq's infrastructure and industry was wrecked during the U.S.-led invasion and the rioting that ensued, there is still no way to make a simple telephone call.

The licenses were supposed to be finalized today...


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