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Wednesday, December 3

prince of darkness

Defense Policy Board member, Richard Perle, is in the news again. This time in connection with Boeing whose $20 billion dollar leasing contract with the Pentagon is under scrutiny. But remember, Mr. Perle has no conflicts of interest, according to the investigation by the Pentagon. Read Boeing has $20m stake in Perle fund by Joshua Chaffin and Stephanie Kirchgaessner in the Financial Times.
Boeing has taken a $20m stake in an investment fund run by Richard Perle, a top Pentagon adviser, underlining the close links it has built to Washington's defence establishment.


Boeing said it had no knowledge that Mr Perle had advised the company on a controversial $18bn deal to lease refueling aircraft tankers to the US Air Force, or other Pentagon-related matters.
And if that isn't enough to raise questions about the real role and purpose of the Defense Policy Board, the article also mentions:
Two other members of the Defense Policy Board, a retired admiral and a retired Air Force general, featured in an internal Boeing e-mail from January identifying them as company consultants, and claiming they were "engaging" Pentagon circles on the tanker deal.


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