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Sunday, January 25


Total Resource Management Selected to Help Engineer Asset Management Systems That Support $18.6 Billion in Iraq Reconstruction Projects
Total Resource Management (TRM), an asset management consulting and technology solutions provider, announced today that the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) Program Management Office (PMO) has awarded a competitive, $1.9 million small business contract to configure, deploy and integrate the technology system that will drive the multisite, multilingual enterprise for the infrastructure reconstruction effort in Iraq.

Using this system, TRM will help the PMO manage all the resources allocated to rebuild schools, hospitals, utilities, natural resources, government offices and all infrastructure elements. It will integrate with the financial and procurement systems that the U.S. government uses to support the rebuilding effort. TRM is responsible for making sure the systems are engineered in a way that makes it easy for the Iraqis to successfully continue the work started by the U.S. and its allies.


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