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Sunday, January 11

of course there's more

Engineered Support Receives $11.3 Million for Military Trailer Refurbishment From U.S. Army
Engineered Support Systems, Inc. received a subcontract to remanufacture M1000 Heavy Equipment Transport trailers that had been deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom in Southwest Asia.The subcontract was awarded by Oshkosh Truck Corporation under a prime contract with the U.S. Army Tank- Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) at Warren, Michigan using supplemental funding provided by President Bush and the U.S. Congress for the continued operation and "resetting" of force readiness levels to their pre- Operation Iraqi Freedom condition.

Under the contract, the company's Systems & Electronics Inc. (SEI) subsidiary will remanufacture 72 M1000 HET trailers to a "like new" condition at its West Plains, Missouri manufacturing facility. The trailers are scheduled to be returned to the U.S. Army by September 2004 for redeployment, according to Jerry Daniels, Vice Chairman and CEO of Engineered Support.
Did you count the number of layers to get to the contract? No wonder the Penagon's audit agency squeaks numbers.


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