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Thursday, January 1


An interesting website, Protection Specialist, lists security firms currently operating in Iraq. Since we follow contracts related to Iraq, we thought the information of interest to our readers. We will attempt to locate any additional information specific to contract amounts. The company website for Protection Specialist is not currently hiring contact information is available on their site.
Kroll: Providing security for USAID personnel in Iraq.

ArmorGroup: Providing security for foreign companies in Iraq,
including Bechtel, KBR and private business.

Control Risks Group: Escorting UK Foreign Office teams in Iraq. Also
running command and control center on its behalf.

Erinys: Hiring 6,500 armed guards to protect oil installations and

Rubicon: Partnership with Erinys on its oil contract. Protection for
foreign executives, moving cash.

Global Risk: Work for successor agency, the CPA, as well as several
Iraqi ministries, the US government and the UN. Has contract to
distribute new Iraqi currency.

Meteoric Tactical Solutions: South African firm, hiring and training
new Iraqi private security force to guard important installations.

Vinnell/MPRI/SAIC: Training new Iraqi army.

Dyncorp: Training new Iraqi police force. or

Olive Security: Provided security for Bechtel and other companies
operating in Iraq. Started working for television news crews.

Janusian: Providing close protection details for companies making
assessments/setting up in Iraq.

Sentinel International Inc.:  Providing security duty in reconstruction of Iraq.
While we at bpost are familliar with most of these names, a few are new to us.


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