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Friday, March 26


Well, we'd heard he was still on the dole...In an article from the New York Times by Dexter Filkins Chalabi, Nimble Exile, Searches for Role in Iraq
At the same time, Mr. Chalabi's star began to wane in Washington, as the Bush administration's claims about Mr. Hussein's weapons capabilities and his presumed ties to Al Qaeda — in no small part based on information provided by Mr. Chalabi — failed to be confirmed.

Nevertheless, the Department of Defense continues to pay his organization $340,000 a month to gather intelligence in Iraq.

Mr. Chalabi has no regrets about any information, however misleading, that he passed to the Americans before the war. "We are heroes in error," Mr. Chalabi told The Daily Telegraph of Britain in an interview last month. "As far as we're concerned we've been entirely successful. That tyrant Saddam is gone and the Americans are in Baghdad. What was said before is not important."
Hey. It was all just a joke anyway.


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